For the Master Students

The VCSVU isn't only for the BSc Farmaceutische Wetenschappen students, it is also here to help the MSc Chemistry and MSc Drug Discovery and Safety students during their study.
The VCSVU strives to achieve this with a discount on the booksale for members, there are lunch lectures and excursions to pharmaceutial companies. But we also put a high value on the social aspect of your years as student. We organize drinks and activities of a relaxed nature, where you can meet your fellow students, be it bachelor or master students. For all these events the VCSVU depends on its commitees. There are 7 commitees, filled with our students. If you were to become a member of the VCSVU and you'd like more information about this, either ask a member of the board of the VCSVU or send an email to with your questions!
Another goal of the VCSVU is to join the K.N.P.S.V., which will allow us to greatly increase our contacts, both national aswell as international. This will also mean that our member will be able to attend to international congresses, which can help you netwerk and give you an insight in all the areas surrounding the pharmaceutical industrie.
Lastly we would like to inform you about the VCSVU inVUtasie weekend. A weekend specifically for our new students, BSc and MSc alike. Here you can have a great start meeting the VCSVU and your future friends!

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