About the VCSVU


It all started with one big student association for all students of the Mathematics and Naturesciences faculty, named the Natuurphilosofische Faculteitsvereniging (NPF). Throughout the years it appeared that there were too many diverse students for one association, so it split up. This resulted in the founding of the Vereniging van Chemie Studenten aan de Vrije Universiteit. Which we all know as VCSVU. In the early years the association only tutored to Chemistry students. Ofcourse eventually Farmaceutische Wetenschappen (BSc Farmaceutical Sciences) joined the VCSVU. The association has known many different faces. It started with a direction that was mostly focused on the academical aspects, but throughout the years it got a lot more diverse. As is commonly known, the BSc Chemistry has left the VU and is now an University of Amsterdam (UvA) study and the students are now part of the Amsterdams Chemisch Dispuut (ACD). Because of this, we are now able to join the K.N.P.S.V., which gives our members many opportunities. The association was made to make the studies as comfortable as possible. Besides the sale of books and the old exams on the site the VCSVU organises many activities for our members. The book sales are held at the beginning of each period.

The VCSVU is made up of members, members of merit, honorary members and donators. With the book sales you have immediate value from your membership. The required books are sold by the VCSVU with a substantial discount, due to a contract with the VU Boekhandel. When you buy books with us and pay contribition in the first book sale of the year it is already cheaper than buying the books yourself. Furthermore we have old exams and summaries on the site, which are only available for our members.

As said before the VCSVU organises many different activities. Examples of these are excursions and drinks, sometimes with a festive theme. The different committees are responsible for organising these activities. Are you curious about the next VCSVU activity? Check the agenda. Not completely unimportant is our newsletter, de Nieuwe Binding. Here you can find the stories about our activities.

Structure of the association

The association can be divided in two groups, the board and the committees, formed by our active members. The board coördinates the committees, is in charge of the external contacts (for example: KNCV) and the internal contacts (For example: the faculty) and organises the CommissieOverleg VCSVU (COV). Furthermore the board is in charge of the booksales and the site. The board is also a general contact point for questions .

The committees organise other activites, such as drinks (BC), excursions (ExCie) and christmasdiner (AC).

Student Council of the Faculty of Science

The Student Council of the Faculty of Science (in Dutch named FSR) is the most important representation of students within the faculty. The purpose of the Faculty Student Council is to represent student interests at faculty level. The FSR regularly consults with the Faculty Board and makes recommendations, both solicited and unsolicited, regarding the plans and policies of the Faculty Board. For an optimal student representation, it is important to know what the problems of students are. If you have any questions, problems or ideas, please let us know!
FSR-room: WN-M112
Every day there is a walk in hour from 12.45-13.30.
Every Thursday from 12.45-13.30 we are in the M0 hallway of the W&N-building. If
someone of the FSR is in our room, you can always walk in. Otherwise you can send
an e-mail to make an appointment.
E-mail: fsr.beta@vu.nl
Phone: 020 - 5987239

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