The committees

By joining a committee, you improve your CV, gain experience in organizing various events and work together in a friendly group towards one common goal. We have several committees:

Activiteiten Commissie (AC) -
The AC organizes activities such as glow golf, the gala, the Christmas dinner and more.

Bijles Platform -
The Tutoring Platform provides tutoring to our members for a small fee.

Borrel Commissie (BC) -
The BC organizes a (themed) drink every three to four weeks.

Eerstejaars Commissie (EJC) -
The Freshmen Committee Group organizes an activity every year for the entire association. Only freshmen are allowed on the committee.

Master Workgroup (MWG)

The Master Workgroup organises an activity every year for all of the master students. Only masters can join the workgroup and the common language is English.

Excursie Commissie (ExCie) -
The ExCie is responsible for organizing excursions and lectures.

InVUtasie Commissie (InVU) -
The InVUtasie committee organizes the InVUtasie weekend every year. This is a weekend at the beginning of the year mainly intended for first-year students.

Kascontrole Commissie (KasCo)
The KasCie controls the finances of the board and the BC. This consists of the two former treasurer and the current treasurer.

Lustrum Commissie (LuCie) -
The LuCie is responsible for organizing all lustrum events every 5 years.

Merchandise Commissie (MerCie) -
The MerCie is responsible for ordering and having all VCSVU goodies delivered.

Promotie Commissie (PromoCie) -
The PromoCie is responsible for all promotions of the VCSVU, such as making posters and taking photos during events.

Raad van Advies (RvA)
Counsels and advises the current board. Consists out of the current chairman and secretary as well as the chairmen and secretaries of the two previous boards.

If you are interested in one of these committees or if you have any questions, please send an email to or to one of the relevant committee email addresses!