Stichting Studiereizen Chemie

Stichting Studiereizen Chemiestudenten

The Stichting Studiereizen Chemiestudenten (SSC) is a foundation of the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam. The SSC organizes an educational trip to another country every two years. The groups usually consist of about 20 people, who are either 3rd year bachelor (FAR and Scheikunde)- and first year master students (DDS and Chemistry). The goal of a studytrip is to broaden the view of the students, regarding their study and what could happen after they graduate. This goal is achieved by visiting foreign universities and pharmaceutical companies. These instances give an insight in new technics and new research. Furthermore these students are put into contact to other cultures and other countries. These two factors are very important for the development of students. The coming trip will take place in April 2019.

Visit our site to read about the previous studietrips, like our trip to Japan in 2015 and to Canada in 2017.

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