The Current Board

The 58th board of the VCSVU

From left to right: Milan Herczog, Marco van Wijk, Lisa de Jong, Demi Nuberg

Lisa de Jong - President

Marco van Wijk - Secretary

Demi Nuberg - Treasurer

Milan Herczog - Commissioner external & commissarioner internal

As a group of four students of Pharmaceutical Sciences we lead the study association. We are from different year classes and have different functions. Together we coordinate the committees and are responsible for spending the money responsibly. In addition we maintain contact, internal and external and with the K.N.P.S.V. Furthermore, we function as contact point for members.

Bestuur 2022-2023

Lisa de Jong Voorzitter
Marco van Wijk Secretaris
Demi Nuberg Penningmeester
Milan Herczog Commissaris Extern